Saturday, September 25, 2010

Arboretum and pictures (finally!!)

So, I finally got all my Korea pictures uploaded to the computer! I went back and added some pictures that were relevant to my blog posts, and posted several new albums on my Picasa account, so go check them out!

On Thursday we went to the Hanbat Arboretum on the north side of town. Well, not right away. First we got on the bus and missed our stop . . . by a lot, thanks to our minimal Korean ability. By the time we figured out our mistake, we were at the end of the line, so we walked back towards our destination, mostly along the river (and sweated off a few pounds in the process). When we got there, we found that it was a very beautiful place, although very different from the arboretum I know (the Connecticut College one).

The beauty of nature was on display there, but in a very orderly and tidy way. Someone worked hard to carve out a green place in the middle of a busy city. The lawns are all perfectly trimmed, the trees and flowers evenly spaced. Although it was hot and humid (still! at the end of September!), quite a lot of people were there walking, and children were riding their bikes on the track around the central lawn.

I'd love to write more, really, but at this point, I've been up half the night sorting and uploading photos...I'm exhausted. Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

Links for my Korea albums to date:

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Hanbat Arboretum


  1. So glad to finally see your photos. You are doing a great jobs with your new camera. I especially liked the photos of the cemetery and the useless water wheel. I suppose they wanted some animation in there for effect. As always I look forward to hearing and seeing more.


  2. Thanks, Becky - it is wonderful to catch a glimpse of Korea like this. I liked the Red Gate. It could be useful in a lot of places if it actually inspires people to act with dignity and propriety.